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Why holiday when perfect comfort is where home is?

Holiday Series #1

Prakriti Prasad

Oct 11,2022

Every time I come back from a vacation, no matter how good and enjoyable it may have been, I love coming back to the familiar comfort of my own bed, the bath and the closet. I thoroughly relish having simple home food of dal chawal and aloo bhujia.

And then one wonders, if the home is what gives us so much pleasure, comfort and happiness, why go for these vacations in the first place.

Look at the amount of work, planning, preparation any holiday requires. Add to that the risk of things going wrong, plus while on the trip there’s this constant pressure of checking out places of sightseeing (for if you’ve spent so much time and money to take that vacation, you jolly well want to check out the unique locales). So one comes back a tad exhausted if not from hectic sightseeing, then the journey from the destination back home.

Add to that the fact that you invariably come back from a vacation with a lighter pocket, courtesy all the indulgences, the impulsive shopping & other unforeseen expenditures.

One often wonders, why go on a vacation when there's nothing like sleeping on your own bed, eating home food, feeling safe in the confines of the cozy, regulated existence that we have so meticulously built over the years?

And then the voice of reason and wisdom whispers: “Because, holidays break the monotony of a routine life no matter how comfortable it may be. And monotony kills creativity and inner joy.”

Moreover, one tends to appreciate the blessings/comfort of a regulated existence of our homes more only after being away from it all.

That’s why holidays are blissful and prove to be rejuvenating. You get to experience varied views, locations, food, people and lifestyle. And then you come back home, often more appreciative of the simple comforts of your daily life.

What is your take on vacations?

Do you come back happy, sad, exhausted or rejuvenated from a holiday?

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