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About Prakriti 

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Prakriti is a parenting coach, author & former journalist

She has worked with several leading publications of the country, including The Times of India, Business Standard, Indian Express and The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu, Nepal) for over two decades.


Through her multiple workshops, courses & sessions, Prakriti strives to motivate parents, educators and children to embrace positivity, mindfulness, compassion & discipline, thus developing a positive aura of their own.

Her line of 'Nurture a Strong Seed' workshops & interactive sessions ensure that parents are well-equipped to tactfully handle their young ones in these challenging times.

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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My Story

It was 1994 when I landed my dream job as a sub-editor with my favourite daily, The Times of India, straight out of college. Within a short span I made my mark-  doing front-page stories, got invited as panelist on radio talk shows to judging events. I was on a roll.

And then it all came crashing down like a house of cards.


I suffered a seizure and had to be rushed to Bombay where I was diagnosed with a unique disease requiring an immediate, life threatening surgery. 


I did come out alive- but without a collar bone, a semi-paralysed vocal chords and a drooping right eye.

More than the evident physical changes, I realised the ordeal had transformed me completely. 
My priorities underwent a major change. 
Within a year, I was married. 

Juggling the roles of a daughter-in-law, wife & then a mother as well as a journalist was tough. My right hand would sometimes go limp without the collar bone, and my feeble voice would often trail off during hectic conferences and noisy interviews. 

But it was the grit and resilience I learned during my injury that goaded me to persevere, despite all my physical limitations.
I went on to work with various publications as I moved cities with my spouse, writing on diverse issues. But, as the mother of a teen, I found myself gravitating towards issues concerning children and better parenting. 

In the newsroom, I was constantly exposed to uncensored statistics around growing violence and aggression of children which disturbed me immensely. I became more and more aware of a growing disconnect between parents & adolescent children all around me.

With these realisations, I quit regular journalism to focus on issues that I had grown passionate about. 

In 2015, I started my column on positive parenting for The Times of India.

I soon followed it up with my book ‘ParenTEEN: How To Nurture Your Adolescents in Modern Times’, published by Rupa in 2018. Simultaneously, I started addressing both children as well as parents at schools, colleges, NGOs & corporate houses. 

Having gone through turbulent physical setbacks in life as a young adult, I realise the importance of fostering grit and resilience in our children, so that they can overcome failures, rejections, loss of loved ones and every other setback in life. 

So over the last 5 years, I have focussed my energies on training parents & children  across cities through my customised workshops and sessions to resolve their conflicts, come closer to each other and lead happier & more meaningful lives.

You can say I am a Warrior Mom-cum-Parenting Coach on an unflinching mission to  transform the lives of 1 million people across the world by helping parents raise emotionally strong, resilient and compassionate children. 

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Prakriti has worked with several leading publications (including  The Times of India, Patna, Delhi, The Indian Express, Chennai, The Business Standard, Delhi & The Himalayan Times, Kathmandu) working at different positions. She has contributed articles to a string of  magazines & journals apart from editing coffee table books for Times of India & Dainik Jagran.

Prakriti is known for instantly connecting with diverse audiences through her interactive workshops and training sessions on dynamic parenting and positive living. Her audience includes working professionals, homemakers, college goers and  school students.

As a wellness mentor, she motivates and trains people in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, helping them to their ideal life with an awakened consciousness instead of living an auto-pilot existence.

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