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4 Secrets every mom should know to raise healthy, happy & intelligent kids

“For the BEST Parenting Secrets and Tips that will make you and your kid’s lives easier–

  • No more yelling

  • No more miscommunication

  • And no more fights

  • Find out – in just sixty minutes – how to help your child grow

  • With Proven and Easy-to-Apply Methods for your kid’s Holistic Development, you too can become a parent your children admire & confide in.

What if I told you I know exactly which parenting style is best for your child?

Being a parent, especially a mother, is rewarding. But despite being one of the greatest accomplishments in life, it’s also a hugely challenging task.

Between the many roles you have to play, deciding which boundaries to enforce and the constant responsibilities to fulfill–

Parenting can be hard sometimes.

The thing is, kids aren't adults. Their brains work differently and so they react accordingly. Every child needs an approach custom-made for them.

Some activities could be helpful, while others, not so much.

Prakriti has Authored the Book ‘ParenTeen’And Worked with Top Publications like:

The Times of India, Business Standard, Indian Express and Himalayan Times(Logos)

“In these evolving times, Dynamic Parenting is the only way to connect with your child, nurture their talents and prepare them for the future ahead.”

Live Session On November 20 @5pm

If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed or clueless about how to deal with your child, you’re likely in need of some parenting advice.

Every parent is always trying to answer one golden question

Image by Jhon David

How do I make my child a happy one?

Of course you want them to be happy, but times are ever-changing.

It’s not that your kid is, by nature, dissatisfied or that your parenting skills are poor. Both you and your child already have immense potential. But in today’s time, children:

  • Spend More time on Mobiles, Laptops, Computers and TV

  • Do not Have proper Food Habits

  • Lack Discipline

  • Are Easily Distracted  

All of these have an adverse role on the health of your kids


● Spending more time on gadgets leads to increased screen time which means a decrease in physical activities

● Increased screen time, in turn, affects their eyes and impacts their attention span

● A poor attention span means less productivity overall

● All of which leads to dissatisfaction, on both your ends.

But, there’s always a solution.

In an effort to counter these modern-day parenting problems, I’m holding a live session to help you transform your life as a parent. With fascinating case studies, important do’s and don'ts, and personal tips and tricks, I’ll break down the most crucial aspects of raising your child right.

What you will learn in this Live Session

  • 4 Effective Pillars of Dynamic Parenting

  • How to talk so your kids will listen

  • How to have stronger, deeper relationships with your kids

  • How to reduce their screen time and gadget addiction

  • How to Regulate their Eating Habits - (Binge Eating, Junk Food) So that they Maintain their Health and Overall Well Being


This is what our Customers say

Dr Sujata Khandai

Dy Dean (Academics) & Director at Amity University.


Dhwani Jain

Founder - KARMA Foundation 

 President (Mentoring & Soft Skills Council UP) - WICCI 

Ela Bajaj 

Coordinator & Centre In charge

Ek Prayas (NGO)


Col Prem Prakash


Radiant International School,


S Arivalagan

Vice President, Supratec,


Who is this Session for?

  • Any mother seeking to improve her parenting skills.

  • Parents with children aged between 10-18.

  • People who need new strategies for dealing with a child or teenager in modern times.

  • Every parent who wants to build a happier relationship with their Kids.

How Does It Work


Join The Private Whatsapp Group

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Link to Join the Session Will Be shared on the WhatsApp Group


I will Share Effective Pillars Of Being a Dynamic parent

Attend The Live Session

Learn The Core Principles of Smart Parenting And Apply Them  



I am on a mission to touch and transform the lives of one million people- parents & children by helping them overcome their communication barriers, their misunderstandings, inhibitions, insecurities & prejudices so that there are fewer conflicts, nervous breakdowns & suicides.

As mother of two children, I have confronted the same challenges and am constantly engaged in coming up with effective workable solutions which have worked wonders for me as well as my mentee parents.

So I want to share my tools & techniques with as many parents as possible to create a world of happy children.

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