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Parenting with Prakriti

Coaching parents to raise emotionally strong children

 who can handle every setback in life with ease  

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I'm Prakriti Prasad,

I'm a Parenting Coach

You know 73% of parents today feel disconnected from their adolescent children.


There’s a huge struggle when it comes to reaching and understanding their teens. Aggressive behaviour and rising mental health issues like depression and anxiety in children are rapidly becoming a common reality for all guardians, universally.


I coach parents, especially of adolescent and teen children to understand them better, resolve conflicts so that they can live happier & more wholesome lives together as a family.

Let's look at some of your problems

Are You...

1. A worried parent whose child is addicted to screens and gadgets?

3. Losing sleep because of the company your child is keeping?

5. Feeling helpless at your child’s growing anger?

2. Concerned about their poor eating habits- their fancy for junk, packaged food, or ordering in? 

4. Distressed with your child’s bad habits- like postponing work or lying?

6. Tired of your child not listening to you despite all your efforts?

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Promise to you

With careful guidance and responses customised to your child’s behaviours, you will be able to avoid the parenting pitfalls that most parents are trapped in.

3 Steps to solve the problem

Connect with me for a free challenge assessment session

And witness these transformations...

1. Your child understands the importance of having a regulated screen time.

3. Your child exercises sound judgement while making friends or making crucial decisions.

5. You are fully equipped to handle your teen's growing aggression.

2. You watch them become regular with their work & assignments.

4. Your child embraces healthy eating habits on their own enthusiastically. 

6. Your child looks up to you with love & genuine regard.

Check out some of my clients



This is what our clients say

Ela Bajaj 

Coordinator & Centre In charge

Ek Prayas (NGO),


Dhwani Jain

Founder - KARMA Foundation 

 President (Mentoring & Soft Skills Council UP) - WICCI 

Dr Sujata Khandai

Dy Dean (Academics) & Director  Amity University.


S Arivalagan

Vice President, Supratec ,


Col Prem Prakash


Radiant International School,



About the Book

In this age of growing alienation between parents and children there is an urgent need to bridge the gulf between them. Parenteen: How to Nurture Your Adolescents in Modern Times is a handbook which focuses on decoding the insecurities, dilemmas and interests of youngsters to help parents understand their children better. It emphasizes on keeping all channels of communication, the key to effective parenting, open. It addresses a range of teenage issues pertaining to peer pressure, gadget addiction, underage drinking, anger, exam stress and obsession with social media, to name some. The Book aims at helping you raise not just happy, confident and humane children but friends for life. It has practical pieces of advice, examples and real life anecdotes pertaining to specific issues in each chapter which can help both parents and wards navigate through the rough waters of teenhood. 

‘Parenteen’ is an outcome of my sincere desire to create awareness about positive parenting, role modelling and spiritual grounding. As sensible adults each of us should be committed towards bringing up a generation of youngsters who are not just well qualified, highly educated and talented but rock sturdy from inside to be able to handle the ups and downs of life. 

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